Non-Chemical Weed Control


Harnesses the power of 99°celcius, hot water.

We use Heatweed™ technology to effectively and gently manage weeds.

Developed by innovative Norwegian-based company with more than 35 years’ in the green and agriculture sector, Heatweed™ is the most effective, non-chemical weed control method available, using non-chemical, superheated natural water, heated at 99° Celsius, to manage and eliminate invasive species.

Acacia is proud to use the Heatweed™ Non-Chemical equipment to provide weed control services across Victoria. Please note, we do not sell the equipment.

How Heatweed™ technology works:

At 99° Celsius, superheated water obliterates a plant’s cell structure, promoting a systemic effect of the roots. After each treatment, the plants grow weaker, until eradicated permanently. An average of three or four treatments a year will suffice.

Why Hot water?

Using hot water to rid weeds is not a new invention. The first patent was taken out in the 1880s, but the method could not be used on a large scale owing to the inadequacies of the technology. Not anymore!

Heatweed™ uses 100% natural water - the most effective conduit of heat - to distort a plant’s cell structure. Compared to other thermal methods such as steam where the potential for heat transfer is low, hot water offers better control, accuracy and a lower water consumption. Acacia is one of only two companies in Australia to offer this award-wining service to safely and gently manage weeds.


Corporate and Socially Responsible method

100% natural water offers a new way
to perform environmentally & socially
responsible weed control.


More Effective than Steam

Large droplet sizes move at low
velocity, with a prolonged duration of
contact and energy transfer potential.


Cost Effective

Highly efficient pm2 cost


Active Temperature Regulation

Consistent, great results on weeds


Low Noise Level

Never above 85 dB


Low Fuel Consumption

Lowest C02 emission class


Environmental Friendly

No chemicals


Used in All Weather

Rain hail or shine


High Safety with No Fire Risks

Can be used in all season and on all surfaces


Can Recycle Water

Meaning low water consumption

Disinfect surfaces from viruses, bacteria and fungi using 100% natural hot water technology.

How it works:

New evidence supports every virus must be exposed to 99°C at a minimum of 0.5 seconds to be considered deactivated, including COVID-19.

Heatweed’s™ award-winning, patented technology exposes viruses and bacteria to natural water, super-heated to 99°C, completely sanitising high-risk surfaces such as trolleys, bus stops, park benches, bicycle parking, play equipment and more.

And unlike the steam application which has a much lower energy transfer, requires temperatures of 160°C and needs special application tools to keep the steam in place for sufficient time, Heatweed™ is fast, effective, safe and guaranteed to sanitise against pathogens and viruses such as COVID-19.

Disinfect image

Kills bacteria, viruses and
germs, including COVID-19


Set on cleaning function, the machine can be used as a hot water high-pressure washer, removing dirt, algae and scum easily.


Nonchemical, and gentle on the environment


Perfect for common, high-risk surfaces such as play equipment, supermarket trolley’s, handrails and park benches


No damage to surfaces, street furniture or private property.

Heatweed™ Units


We use the most innovative and cost-effective high-capacity machine to combat weeds.

17.000- 35.000 m2 per day |
Up to 420 hectares per season

The globally patented Sensor Technology makes the Heatweed™ Sensor 2.0 the most cost-effective non-chemical weed control system available. 
The advanced technology secures lowest possible water consumption - plus equally low fuel usage and exhaust emissions. 
We can document that the Sensor 2.0 offers the cheapest way of controlling weeds (per m2 of treated area) compared to similar methods. Acacia is happy to provide key figures and calculations for our Heatweed™ service on a site by site basis.

Ideal For:

  • Areas with uneven weed coverage and paving stones
  • Parks, cemeteries and large green spaces
  • Airports and industrial zones
  • Along curbs and on walkways
  • Along freeways and motorways
  • Shopping streets and city centers
  • Drinking water and protected areas

Acacia use the Heatweed™ Non-Chemical equipment to provide weed control services. We do not sell the equipment.

To learn more about the capabilities of our Sensor 2.0, contact us today.


The all-rounder solution for urban areas, kindergartens, and playgrounds, using 100% super-heated natural water.

2.000-2.800 m2/day |
600-1000 linear meters per day

The MiD 3.0 is a sustainable and cost-effective multi-purpose cleaning and weed control solution, maximising the effect of super-heated water. Mounted on a 4-wheel-drive ute with a 45 metre hose, the MiD 3.0 is ideal for treating medium-sized areas with limited access, delivering a high-precision operation.

With state-of-the-art technology, optimised flow and the Heatweed Active Temperature Regulation (ATR), our unit emits less exhaust, uses less water and fuel. 

Set on cleaning function, the machine can be used as a hot water high-pressure washer, removing dirt and algae easily without the use of chemical.

Ideal for:

  • Kindergartens and playgrounds
  • Parks, gardens and green spaces
  • Flowerbeds and hedges with bark chips
  • Squares and streets
  • Bus stops and by public transport
  • For controlling invasive species
  • For chemical-free cleaning of street signs, benches and similar

Acacia use the Heatweed Non-Chemical equipment to provide weed control services. We do not sell the equipment.

To learn more about the Heatweed MiD 3.0, contact us today.


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