We don’t want to keep protecting the environment.

So our plan is to create a world that no longer needs protecting.

Our vision is to ensure society evolves with minimal impact to the environment.

  • Growth in awareness of how business and industry impacts biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.
  • Support of government, industry, private enterprise and the wider community in protecting Victoria’s ecology and biodiversity values, while reducing risk associated with natural resource scarcity.
  • Demonstrate leadership, legitimacy and transparency in our own operations and policies.
  • Understanding the latest developments in Australian ecological and environmental science to better solve complex environmental problems.
  • Providing alternative, innovative solutions to sub-standard practices.
  • Continued investment in long-term client relationships over short wins, to achieve sustainable business growth and meaningful environmental outcomes.
  • Growth of ‘chemical-free’ service offering through state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.
  • Partnerships with likeminded organisations who genuinely care for the environment and endorse a Corporate & Socially Responsible business strategy within their organisation.
  • Recruitment of the very best in our industry; highly skilled and focused people who share Acacia’s values and commit their lives to protecting the environment.