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Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust: River Red Gum Parkland
The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries (GMCT) Trust: River Red Gum Parkland
Services Provided
+ Organisation of suppliers and sub-contractors+ Site preparation (weed control)+ Jute-Mat Installation+ Design and Installation of vegetation protection measures+ Native and non-native plant identification+ Site Survey and subsequent zonation+ Planting of all wetland ponds+ Water level control and alteration for wetland species growth and development+ Site mark out and subsequent+ Planting of all swale areas+ Planting of Advanced Tree Stock+ Stake+ guarding and ongoing maintenance of advanced tree stock+ Mulching+ Watering of all plantings+ Ongoing weed maintenance

Acacia Environmental Management deliver strategic planning and service delivery in partnership with primary land managers. Acacia can assist agencies tasked with land management understand their regulatory requirements, site values and threatening processes impacting their site/s. A tailored plan can be developed to suit the specific needs of your organisation – we can even deliver the on-ground works.

"Acacia were the specialist and aquatic planting contractor for a large project I managed with GMCT. The commitment to excellence from the whole organisation, from CEO to workers on site, was remarkable. They truly love plants and bringing a landscape vision to life."

Matthew Sanderson, Project Manager Lambert & Rehbein


Many will be familiar with the magnitude that is the Northern Memorial Park and Fawkner Memorial Parks, situated in Glenroy and Fawkner respectively. Next door however, a new age cemetery landscape persists. Full of towering old growth River Red Gums, wetlands and dense native vegetation plantings, you can easily question whether you are within a cemetery at all. GMCT River Red Gum Parklands – Glenroy, is a cemetery that aims to sit harmonious within the natural landscape. Providing a peaceful environment for individuals to visit loved ones, whilst boasting increased ecosystem function and reward.


Acacia was approached and engaged by Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust to implement this natural landscape vision:

  • Undertaking surface preparation works and revegetation utilising mature tree stock, terrestrial and wetland plant species.
  • Aiming to manage stormwater through vegetated swales and wetland systems, whilst providing a peaceful environment for visitors.

Image: The new River Red Gum precinct spans 46 hectares, and is a unique memorial landscape flourishing with native flora and fauna. Source:


Following civil works, Acacia’s experienced team of ecologists and specialist planters set out for critical site preparation works prior to planting. Involving technical and strategic weed control, installation of 200 rolls of Jute Matting (including 20,000 pins) and netting protection measures across 5 wetlands. Main phase of planting begun in August 2019 with successful completion by November with the installation of:


  • 35,000 (+) tube stock planted around wetlands and swale areas
  • 5,000 + wetland and aquatic plants, planted across the 5 wetlands
  • 150 Advanced Tree Stock planted (45-100L)


The adaptability and flexible nature of Acacia has demonstrated and refined our ability to deliver these environmentally complex projects. Focusing on finding integrated solutions, high quality workmanship and management has translated to in-field results. With a 95% + survival rate of all planted stock, with signs of natural regeneration and the return of numerous frog and birds to the site.

Lush, native vegetation thrives.