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Melbourne Water: Reimagining Your Creekline
Reimagining Arnold’s Creek, on ground revegetation and Establishing a native vegetation profile for Melbourne Water
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Acacia Environmental Management deliver strategic planning and service delivery in partnership with primary land managers. Acacia can assist agencies tasked with land management understand their regulatory requirements, site values and threatening processes impacting their site/s. A tailored plan can be developed to suit the specific needs of your organisation – we can even deliver the on-ground works.

We’ve seen 120% growth increase of natural habitat and 80% decrease of introduced weeds since using Acacia services



Flowing from the northern hills of Melton, Arnold’s Creek travels through agricultural land and into the urban township of Melton where it eventually meets the Werribee River. Constructed alongside initial housing development the urban stretch of the creek has acted as a grassed floodway with a concrete channel invert.

That is, however, until now. Melbourne Water has decided to re-imagine the creek, by upgrading a 1400 metre section with a contemporary, community centric urban design, and a goal of achieving more natural amenity with the environment.


Acacia was approached by Melbourne Water to implement on-ground works to establish a native vegetation profile, in support of their goals.

These included: Establishing ‘wet habitat’ to cater for and heavily expand existing flora attract new fauna; the planting of an adapted urban forest and ground cover to combat the urban heat island effect and to establish an aesthetic, healthy place for people to enjoy


Following earthworks, Acacia initiated necessary weed removal (incl. CaLP listed noxious species) at inception of the project, to maintain remnant native grasslands as well as in preparation for urban planting. Planting began in May 2020, and is still underway, with plant numbers anticipated to reach 240,000 at project close.

Acacia’s team of educated and knowledgeable planters (most with science and land conservation backgrounds) have been able to feed through relevant on ground suggestions to help support Melbourne Water’s landscaping plans and facilitate any necessary alterations where beneficial


Acacia has been able to closely follow project specifications for relevant land managers and undertake a project of substantial scale. We are beginning to establish a proven ability to manage large-scale planting projects and fit them into the necessary timelines expected by land managers. We hope this reimagination bolsters our relationship with Melbourne Water and acts as a forerunner to indicate our potential for the future.